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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Name: Alan
Art type: Furry, working on Qwuedeviv
Age: 18
Fursona: Andy, 'Tech Booth'
Personal view: I'd say I do good art in a short amount of time

Quote of the month: Look not for what you want, look for someone who has it already then obtain it from there

Current Mentality: Time for more Qwuedeviv

Commanding Officer: :iconsmilehkitteh:

Close Friends:


The Story of Flak

May 1st, 1996

10 minutes outside of Langley, Virginia

"Trust me babe, if magic is good for anything, its entertainment, if you catch my drift.~"

Around 6 a.m. in the forested area outside Langley Falls, something breaks the twilight silence.  A dapper gray cat with the deepest crimson for eyes, stalks cautiously onward.  His outfit consists of black slacks, a lightly frilled dress shirt, a black bow-tie, white gloves, and a jacket with coat tails half-way down his thighs.  He clutches precious cargo with one hand, holding it to his chest, and his other hand is held out with his middle and index fingers firmly embracing his thumb.  He walks one foot easing in front of the other, scanning his surroundings for potential threats to him or worse, the thing he carries.

Once he broke into a clearing, he took his free hand and struck his middle and index fingers against his leg like a match.  This causes a ball of light to form at the tip of his fingers and float up and before him, leading the way.  He proceeded with a bit less caution, but still having his open hand ready to cast a spell in defense.

As he got sight of his destination he began to speed walk, knowing any danger would be deterred.  His target was a run down cathedral in the middle of the forest.  It seemed no one was having up kept, so it was in obvious disrepair.  The cat approached the huge front doors and knocked.  With several minutes of silence, the cats hopes seemed dashed, but then an elegant voice echoed out from behind the doors.

Ersila: This is the Grand Witch Ersila, state your business or be trans-mutated into a frog.

Otto: It's me, Ersila! It's Otto! Let me in, quickly!

The doors retreated into the building with eerie creaks revealing a witch, the species was indiscernible, but one could assume a rodent or something along those lines.  Regardless she stood a whole foot over Otto, who was about six feet or so.  Otto entered the cathedral, the doors creaking shut behind him.

Ersila: To what does my coven owe the pleasure for a visit from Otto the Amazing Magician?

Otto: I prefer wizard, and it's not a social call, Ersila.  I need a favor... A serious one...

Otto then revealed what he carried, a small baby, resembling him strongly, but with fur so black it almost didn't exist in the optical spectrum.  Ersila seemed pleasantly surprised.  As far as anyone knew, this great and powerful wizard was celibate by personal choice, yet here he is with a child in his arms about to ask an incredible question.

Ersila: Who's is it then?

Otto: I rather not say...

Ersila: Embarrassed about breaking your self-righteous celibacy?

Otto: No, his mother is too important to me, and the three of us are in danger.  You know what I'm about to ask of you.

Ersila fondled the childs hair then spoke at him in a babying voice, but was speaking to Otto.

Ersila: Of course, you want me to protect this little fluff ball.

Otto: Not only that... It's likely I will be in hiding for quite some time... I'm asking you raise him.

Ersila looked at Otto understanding his worries.

Ersila: He will be more than welcome in the coven.  The girls and I will watch over him until he is old enough to go on his own.  After that, it is up to him what happens.

Otto then remembered how cryptic Ersila could be, but knew what she meant.

Ersila: So what's his name?

Realizing he had not even considered a name for his son, Otto simply gazed down at his child with an inquisitive look.

Otto: Flak... His name is Flak...

Ersila: Peculiar name, wouldn't you say?

Otto: This is a peculiar child.  He is MY son after all.

Otto then gave his son a loving embrace and held him out to Ersila, who carefully took up the child.  Otto began to twitch and shuffle a bit as he turned for the door.

Ersila: He'll be ok, Otto... You have my word.

Otto: I know... I'm just worried I won't get to see him again... Where I'm going, no one should tread.

Without another word, Otto walked out the doors as they creaked open then immediately shut.

The year is now 2015, the child is now nineteen, and nothing will be the same for much longer.

Ersila sat on a chair, lounged really, and watched the coven as they practiced their magic.  She then noticed one was missing.

Ersila: Flak, come here please!

Flak approached the grand witches chair, his outfit?  Nothing but jeans.  His demeanor? Full of himself.

Flak: Yes Auntie? Did you need something?

Ersila: You are my personal assistant, look out at the coven and tell me what is amiss?

Flak turned to the coven practicing magic and scanned the group.  Finding what was wrong he looked back to Ersila.

Flak: Where's Bella?

Ersila: Good job, dear boy.  That is precisely what I want you to find out.  I know you have a..... knack for finding the girls when they stray.  Be a good boy and find Bella?

Flak: Right away, Auntie.

Ersila: Good, I know you'll do well.

Turning away, Flak left the cathedral to find the missing witch.

Traveling to the West Coast, Flak began his search.  Bella did enjoy the beach, and San Francisco was the place she adored most.  She may be there now for all he knew.  Making his way down to the beach to look, he was then struck with grief as he noticed a police car in traffic.  Inside was Bella, she had been arrested, and now Flak needed to break her out.
No Underwear Allowed by adrummaster
No Underwear Allowed
Art Trade with :icondrjoshfox:

As stated by Flak:
"As the Magic Cat of Virginia(Trademark pending), I hereby declare that underwear is prohibited in my presence!"

Don't argue with the Magic Cat of Virginia(Trademark Pending) owo
It is a losing battle, cause hes magic. 
The Story of Andy

February 14, 1995

Yosemite California, USA

"I always wondered why the cold didn't bother me as much... Now I know..." -Andy

Just past midnight in a forest on an especially snowy Valentines Day morning, a single figure wades through the thick snow and ice.  She is carrying something close to her just under her cloak, checking every few steps to see if it was ok.  Eventually, she sees a cabin in the almost unforgiving environment, kneeling in the snow to make final decisions.

Inside the cabin, a couple is still awake, unable to sleep with news that they would not be able to have children of their own.

Daniel: It IS possible that the doctor made a mistake... a mix-up in the paperwork?

Samantha: No, Danny, he didn't make any mistakes or lose any papers or anything like that.  It just simply isn't meant to be.

Daniel is a stag, and a fine specimen at that.  Tall, lean, yet well built with tannish fur and brown hair on his hair in a messy fashion, dark blue eyes to round it all off.  He was by his love's side, trying to comfort her as best he could, but feeling her pain all the same.
Samantha is a bobcat, visually majestic and prowling with what seemed like tribal markings in her grey and black fur.  Her currently depressed demeanor had her pointy ears in a downward position and her hazel eyes gazed at the floor, as if searching for something elsewhere.

Daniel: We'll keep trying, I know something will happen if we do.

Samantha: Whatever you feel would help us, love...

Her response seemed to indicate she was indeed elsewhere, trying to escape this situation.  Daniel decided to leave her to her thoughts, and entered the kitchen towards the back.

Samantha: Sometimes I wonder if miracles exist...

Back outside, the figure removes her hood, revealing a nearly indiscernible form.  Her extremely light fur only allowed the basic shape to be viewed.  She was like a beacon in the dark, cold morning.  She was known to few as Hel, Nordic Goddess of the Afterlife.  She drew her cloak back from what she was carrying; a baby cat.  The baby, though wrapped in a blanket, had fur that seemed to be like his caregiver's, except he did not shine like a bulb, so more of him could be identified, even his heavenly blue eyes through his sleepy nod offs.  

Hel: My best intentions go into this, my boy.  I hope when you are older you can forgive your father and me.

The baby stirred and awoke, cooing at Hel and reaching up at her.

Baby: Momma...

Hel: Ssshhhh, mommy's here, love.

She managed to soothe the child enough to be quiet for her and hesitantly proceeded towards the cabin.  She gently knelt down a few feet from the door, and cleared away some snow in front of her.  The baby began to stir again.

Hel: There, there, it's alright.

She opened a music box, wound it up, and placed it down in the area she cleared, she then carefully placed the baby next to the music box.  The slow, mesmerizing music calmed the baby enough to almost sleep, not noticing his mother as she backed away slowly.  Unfortunately for them both the music box slowed and stopped playing before she could get more than ten feet.  The baby snapped out of his trance and immediately began calling out for Hel.

Baby: Momma!  MOMMA!

Hel stopped in place for a moment and put a hand over what could be assumed to be her mouth.  She watched in horror as her child continued to scream and cry desperately for her to come back.  Samantha heard the crying and quickly stood from her seat, looking towards the door as the origin.

Baby: MOMMA!

The baby only seemed to get louder as Hel drew farther away.  She never took her eyes off him until she was approximately 25 feet away.  She adjusted her cloak and reached for her hood.  Samantha ran to, and threw open the door, feeling the chill of the winter's night and immediately seeing the baby on the ground, crying.  She went over to him and took him up in her arms, trying to comfort him.  As she stood back up, she caught a glimpse of Hel staring back with her hood half on.  Their eyes met for less than a second and Hel seemed to glow brighter and disappear entirely.  The baby reached at the open air where Hel was moments ago, still screaming for his mother.

Daniel: Sam?! What was that?!

Daniel came rushing from the cabin, startled by the bright light.  Samantha was awestruck and had yet to move, the baby writhing in her arms.  Daniel approached her and placed a hand on her shoulder, causing her to jump and turn to him.

Samantha: What?!

Daniel: What was out here just now?!  Are yo-

Daniel had just noticed the baby and looked down at it then back to Samantha.  Realizing she still had the baby, crying but now stuffing its face into Samantha.  She went back to comforting him, and looked around, stunned.

Samantha:  I heard this one crying and came out to see why.  Then I saw something I'm not so sure I actually saw...

Daniel: Did you see his mother?  She couldn't have gotten far in this snow.

She looked slowly over to Daniel, almost as if she still needed time to form her answer.

Samantha: Danny, I'm not sure what I saw...

Daniel seemed confused and went to investigate the tree line.  As he walked forward, he kicked the music box, which began it's song again.  The baby responded by slowly going from a cry to a sob to a deep sleep.  Samantha picked the box up and kept it near the baby, in her hand.

Daniel: Was that there before?

Samantha: Danny, I'm telling you whatever happened out here, I may never be able to explain.  I opened the door, saw this baby, looked up to see.... someone.... walking away... we looked at each other for a second and she just disappeared in a bright light, like and alien or something... You have to believe me Danny, I wouldn't make something like this up.

Daniel looked around for a moment, then to the baby, then to Samantha.  He then patted the child's head, causing him to coo softly in his sleep.

Daniel: Well, I know you don't want to leave this one out here, and neither do I.  I didn't see what happened out here, but I believe you.  And as far as I can tell, we have a child now.

Samantha looked down at the child, who stirred a bit, but was otherwise in a peaceful state.

Samantha: I guess we do...

Years later, the couple raised the boy as their own, hiding what happened when they came upon him.

Daniel: Andy! Need you to go to town and pick some stuff up!

Andy came into the room to his father.  He was a handsome blonde furred cat, averagely built and innocent looking; by all accounts, cute.

Andy:  Yeah dad, you got the keys?

Daniel: Yeah, here.

Daniel handed Andy the keys to the car and pointed at him with the same hand.

Daniel: No "pit stops" got it?

Andy: I..... I-I don't....

Daniel gave Andy a surprised look.

Daniel: So all these rumors about you and the neighborhood girls is what? A myth?

Andy: I really have no idea what you mean.  

Daniel: Just go and pick up screws from the hardware store.  I'm trying to fix your mother's bedroom door.

Andy: Mom's door...?

Daniel: You know what I mean....

Andy proceeded outside and to the car.  Driving into town, he noticed one of the local girls from school trying to flag him down.  He pulled over and rolled down the window.

Andy: Hey Brit, whats up?

Brittney, as well as the other girls at school, never seemed to pay any actual attention to Andy, save when they needed something from him, in which case, they where generous with the attention.

Brittney: Hi Andy!~  I was wondering if you'd help me with my computer? Pleeeaasse?~

Andy: Sorry Brit, dad says "No pit stops", whatever that means....

Brittney leaned into the car window and almost headbutted Andy.  She then ruffled his hair with her hand and smiled at him.

Brittney: It'll be really quick, I need it before tomorrow night.

Andy: *Just tell her no and get dad his screws.* Sure, if you don't mind bringing it out here. *Push over....*

Brittney: Thanks!~

She proceeded into her house ad returned soon after with her laptop.  Andy was waiting next the trunk of his car.

Brittney: Here, thanks again.

Andy: Sure thing.

Andy took the laptop and opened it.

Andy: So, what exactly is wrong with it?

Brittney: Well, I haven't finished our last paper for English, and my mom's had my laptop for about a week.  I get it back and the document writer is gone.

Andy fiddled a bit with the computer.

Andy: It's right here.

Brittney looked over his shoulder.

Brittney: Where?

Andy pointed at the screen where he found the program.

Andy: Your mom must've deleted the shortcut off the desktop.  It's still here in your start menu.

Brittney: Really?! I've been so worried that I wouldn't be able to finish my paper!

Brittney didn't seem too convincing, but Andy could tell she was looking for an excuse.

Brittney: Maybe later, you could come over and help me with it?

Andy: I was never really good with essays.... Sorry, but good luck with it.

Andy quickly climbed in his car and drove away.

Brittney: O.... K.... Bye then...
Dream Journal of Isaac Valience

Entry #1:

Tuesday, September 10th

"I still think Jack is just getting me to write these just to put himself at ease, but I'll do it anyway."

"For as long as I can remember, I've been having this horrible nightmare.  Normally, I can just shrug it off and ignore it, but recently, it's gotten more vivid."

"When it starts, I'm in a room.  I can only guess it's mine and from the looks of it and my height in the dream, I must be about five or six."

"Why would I know that?  Is this a dream or a memory?  I heard that in dreams you know everything that is and will be, but in this I can't get past a certain point."

"While I'm in the room, I can tell something is wrong... and I'm scared..."

"I go to open my door, but before I even reach, my room is suddenly pitch black save the light coming from behind my door."

"I grab the knob and it feels ice cold, almost like it was a piece of actual ice.  Then, in the same instant I touch the knob, I'm thrown to the ground by an unseen force."

"The door swings out and open right after and whats on the other side is something I haven't been able to get a good look at.  My glances can only tell me that it is something primevilly feared."

"Just the quick glances I had shook me hard enough to wake up..."

"Whatever it is I'm seeing, it knows I'm scared of it."

"From now on I'm going to try to get a better look at it, at least before I wake up again.  Maybe this thing holds some answers as to where I came from and why Jack doesn't even know how he came to care for me."

"Either way, I need to prepare myself mentally for this.  No telling what will happen if I look it in the eyes... if it has any..."

-Isaac Valience
Skyrim OC Sheet

L'Peur the Timid


Outstanding Features: Dragon Shaped branding on his right cheek and upper bicep

Pre-Lore Info

Class: Civilian

Titles: None

Nicknames: Purr, Milkdrinker

Aptitudes: Nothing

L'Peur is not particularly skilled at anything.  He is not exceptionally reliable in combat and most warriors see this and tell him to stay out of their way.  Regardless of being a general weakling, he is capable of using magic, shooting a bow, swinging a sword, or sneaking about (rather poorly).  It can be noted that, because he is visibly feeble, most enemies write him off at first, giving him ample chance to do any number of things(i.e. Sneak attack, run away, steal something then run away).

Post-Lore Info

Class: Dragonborn

Titles: Dohvakiin, Harbinger, Listener, Thane (For 5 Holds), Legate of the Legion, Alpha Werewolf

Nicknames: Dohvahkiin, Peur the Claw, The Mark, Purr

After enduring several adventures with a mercenary girl, L'Peur began to take on a visual learners aspect.  He studied his companion's fighting style and developed his own.  He soon after developed an aptitude in Smithing, Archery, Sword play, Magic, Stealth, and Heavy Armor usage.  All enemies began to make a point of avoiding him at all costs, even if it meant running right into the guards or the rabble in authority there-of.
Ok so, I'm not sayin I'm back or nothin... but its been far to long since I did anything on DA and I've tried tumblr, but theres not much there since fandoms tend to revolve around a select few elite, leaving me all alone in a corner, pretending people pay attention to anything I'm doing.

So, I'm going through all the OC's I've got here and revamping them or tossing them.  I'm redesigning my Furries (or atleast rewriting the bios).

I remember Soul Eater was a thing, I used to be in a Pokemon group but the group must have decided to excommunicate me because no one is responding to my notes.

I plan on looking at TF2 groups, other Pokemon groups, and potentially others.

With that being said, I'd love it if you guys suggested groups to me so it doesnt take so long sifting through the numerous groups for... anything...

I would like to mention to everyone, especially people in charge of a group: 

I dispise when people act superior, so acting like youre the boss of me will end badly.  I react rather well when someone treats me as an equal so be the nicer person and refrain from being a biggot.

Don't get me wrong, it is understandable to assert authority, but not to me. I like to be treated as the respectable person I am, yet people constantly feel the need to throw around there privileges and be a grade 'A' gorilla.  Am I saying I'm above a leaders decision? No, absolutely not.  However, if you come across as someone attempting to quell me for the sake of your friends who don't like my guts, I will not give you more than one chance to reconsider the actions you took.

I've got revamping and group searching to do!

Note me if you'd like to talk.
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