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*This Bio is bein renovated and is currently incomplete, check later*
Name: Alan

Personal view: I'd say I do good art in a short amount of time

Personal Quote: Like a pin in your tail, family keeps you together,
even if it is a pain in the butt.

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Chapter 1: Enter, Stage Left

“Who needs logic when you’ve got four people willing to do the impossible?”

Life is never as simple as we want it to be. We wish getting a job were easy, we wish love wasn’t a fickle mistress. I think most of all, we wish life didn’t throw us curveballs when we least expect it. No one understands this better than Andy, a simple boy looking to live a simple life. Unfortunately for him, no one escapes the curveball.

Andy stood by his parked car, he was checking his belongings and making sure he had his keys in his pocket, his phone, wallet, and then he inserted his headphones and walked down the way along the bright San Francisco road. His short kitty fur complimented the rays of the sun well, his blue eyes scanned about the neighbourhood and he quietly murmured the lyrics to himself.

Andy: ♪Ain’t no rest for the wicked… money don’t grow on trees...♪

He was a nineteen year old looking to apply to San Fran State. His parents had told him about an old place they used to do coed outside town that he could use, but he’d need housemates. Now most of us would think of high school friends, but Andy wasn’t like that. He grew up in Yosemite and all through high school he had no real friends. He would be the guy you speak to on occasion but you never really got to know him or even interact with him unless you needed your homework done for you. His parents thought the local girls asking for him all the time was because he had charm, in reality they had essays due and Andy was huge push-over for damsels. There was one girl that would consistently speak with Andy but never in a friend type way, more of the associate you speak to about class and where you’d be going when you graduate. Andy graduated, took a year off to be a free adult with his parents and here we are, observing someone Scott Pilgrim would pitty. He continued with the lyrics.

Andy: ♪No we can’t slow down, we can’t hold back, though you know… we wish… we could...♪

Elsewhere, Fate stirred up a punchline. Two individuals were running from a third, the pair were not from around Cali. The girl was a rabbit, grey fur, yellow eyes, perked long ears that swayed a bit as she ran. Her copilot was a cat with black fur, red eyes, and a hand appeared to be on fire but he didn’t seem to take notice while he ran from their pursuer. The chaser in question was an all white cat, green eyes, a determined look on his face like he was the best there was. They were Rebecca, Flak, and William Quin respectively and the former pair had broken more than a few laws in town, when they demonstrated extraordinary capabilities, local law called Quin. Quin is a British national who moves around a lot finding dangerous or action oriented jobs to fulfill himself. Flak and Rebecca were members of a magic coven from Virginia, Flak being the only male and therefore the one to bail out the girls when they get into trouble. The pair rounded a corner to heavy traffic they could not surmount quickly. Flak turned to his cohort and patted her side, a motion she took and ran towards the traffic alone. Quin caught up and Flak barred his advance.

Quin: Don’t do this, Mate. We can get your friend and head back down to the station. No one has to get a drubbin’.

Flak: What kind of accent is that? Australian Douchebag?

Flak flicked his hand about to extinguish the flame and took a lazy battle stance. Quin now irritated at Flak’s remark, took a serious stance and after a brief standoff, someone in traffic honked and the two mutually decided that was their “High Noon” and began to brawl, both using advanced styles, but Quin being the more refined. Seeing he couldn’t win with simple hand-to-hand, Flak began to enhance his blows with magic force. This made the fight unfair as Quin was forced to go more defensive. He deflected an attack.

Quin: Cheeky bastard!

Flak: Magic beats tough-guy, look it up.

Quin: I hate bloody magic!

Our blissfully unaware feline approached this scene, busy gawking at random sights. He was aware there were two people in front of him, but not that there was an epic fight happening. Flak raised his fist, lighting it ablaze and throwing it at Quin, who brushed it over his shoulder to dodge. Having an over zealous attitude, Flak put a lot of swing into the attack, so when Quin deflected, it traveled to the next open target behind him, Andy. He is thrown, with great force, into a metal mailbox, unconscious. The combatants heard the loud crash and stopped to see. Flak, ever the graceful screw up, exits while Quin is distracted. Being a proper Englishman, Quin couldn’t chase his query with a civilian casualty lying unconscious. He knelt down beside Andy and inspected him for vitals and visible wounds. Determining he had a concussion and needed medical attention, he called 911.

Operator: Nine-one-one, what is your emergency?

Quin: Yes, I’ve found a man unconscious on the street near Junction. I think he’s hurt, he’s unresponsive and barely breathin’.

Operator: EMT’s are on the way, please stay with the man until they arrive.

Quin hung up and immediately went to pursue Flak, but not before leaving a small flashlight set to strobe on some newspaper stands. He may be honorable to a fault, but the job comes first.

Quin: Tough luck, Mate. See ya’ around.

Andy opened his eyes, dazed and confused. He watched Quin run off and wondered why he felt strange. He then realised what happened, well sort of. He realised he wasn't awake, rather he was lucid. Nothing too far off came into focus and he felt numb. He then witnessed something stranger than getting punched with fire. He saw a girl walk towards him, that alone being a shocking thought, but she seemed to appear from nothing and was staring right at him as she approached. She was a black furred cat similar to Flak, only her’s seemed so black as to swallow all light that shown on her. Her red eyes were almost blood ovals on white spheres. Her hair in the back was tied in a ponytail with a tattered black bow, a small skull keeping it together and the front bangs just barely covering one eye, her clothes where a less intense black than her, also tattered on the ends, her top was chest high and held together at her neck by a matching skull as on the bow. All in all first appearance told you “That scary goth chick”. She sat down intently by Andy and looked him in the eye. She wasn’t a corporeal presence, she wasn’t actually there. No one acknowledged her sitting by an unconscious boy on the sidewalk, not like many people were walking around at the time anyhow, but Andy could just tell, she wasn’t visible to anyone else, but she was real.

Andy: I am just awake enough to tell that you aren’t some dream… who are you?

Erica: My name is Erica, pleased to meet you.

Andy: I’m… Andy… Um… Pardon my bluntness but…

Erica: What am I? You’re a smart boy, you can figure it out.

Andy was shocked she wasn’t more offended, but he attempted to decipher what she was based on her appearance, his answer was terrifying as he folded his mouth inward before speaking like he knew the answer the whole time but was too scared to admit it.

Andy: Are you…. Death…?

The girl ruffled his hair, messing up his bangs and blocking his eyes. He fixed it before continuing.

Erica: Very good, but don’t look so scared of me. If I were here to take you away, I would have brought the money maker.

Andy realised that she meant her scythe, which she didn’t have on her or anywhere nearby, so he calmed down, but only slightly as he was still looking Death in the face in the most literal sense.

Andy: What are doing here then…?

Erica: Oh, I was around, saw you having a Near-Death-Experience and thought I’d authenticate the occasion by actually appearing.

Andy: So… what do we do until it’s over…?

Andy couldn’t help but pause frequently, besides her title and authority as the Taker of Souls, he found her quite beautiful, granted she was literally a force of nature, but she was a gorgeous one at that. At no point during this encounter did he take his eyes off her. She seemed aware of this, but knowing pretty girls, they all knew when they were being stared at.

Erica: We could just sit here… talk… You aren’t exactly going anywhere and my job practically does itself.

Andy: Why don’t you…. Tell me about yourself?

Seeing how he had just asked an obvious question that she was bound to see right through, he went to suggest something else, but Erica interrupted.

Erica: Oh, well… I have a brother I visit sometimes, I like stuffed animals, and my favorite color is teal… blue if I feel less artsy…

She was obviously taking Andy’s nervous attention and returning it with subtle flirting. Andy only knew this because it’s not like you just tell people you like stuffed animals and blue. He then also realised she was looking him in the eyes when she said blue so he blushed rather hard. Erica turned away trying not to giggle at him. He only blushed more and tried to compose himself.

Andy: You uh… do this kind of thing often…?

She looked back at him.

Erica: What? Sit with people while they wait to be revived? Or visit with mortal people for a lunch date?

Andy a fine reader of context, took the hint.

Andy: Are you… asking me out…?

She messed with the bow in her hair before responding.

Erica: I don’t know, maybe I also like to play with people’s emotions? You’ll never know…

As she said this, she vanished and every sense Andy had came rushing back as he woke suddenly and was looking at paramedics checking his vitals for irregularities. One pulled out a flashlight and shined in at him, performing the focus and dilation test.

Paramedic: Sir, can you hear me?

Andy: Ye-Yeah…

His eye tried not to look directly at the light and the paramedic held up a hand.

Paramedic: How many fingers?

Andy: Uh… Four.

Paramedic: Alright sir, you’re going to be ok, you have a minor concussion and some bruising, but you’ll be fine. Try not go to sleep for the next six hours and stay with a friend or family member to make sure nothing else comes up. If something does, call us again, or get to the hospital.

Andy: Alright… thanks…

Paramedic: It’s what we do.

They drove off and Andy was left on the San Francisco sidewalk, reevaluating what he knew about this life. One thought he kept having was if he’d ever see that girl again. He got up, dusted himself off, checked his pockets and went to find the guy that owned that flaming hand.

Chapter 1: Enter, Stage Left
Ladies and gentleman of Deviantart, this is my brain child. My heart and soul goes into making this story and I would very much appreciate feedback on it. Questions and concerns may be directed to the comments here.

An original story and universe by me
The Eternal Struggle by adrummaster
The Eternal Struggle
Forgive me for being both a furry artist and an atheist, but here's my take on angels Michael and Lucifer.

In my cannon they are just as they would be for the most part; Luci locked up in Hell, Michie guarding his sorry ass for all time. The difference being, angels are a species and they serve the Olympians cause if there IS a God in my cannon he's very good at not actually DOING anything.

Again, forgive my blasphemy but this is cartoons and I'm an atheist.

By me
Doh' Va' Kiin Armor Design by adrummaster
Doh' Va' Kiin Armor Design
The Dragonborn needs to be good at smithing as to avoid weapons and armor costs. Sometimes, in a Blue Tamriel Moon, we get gems like this.

By me
The Story of Andy(updated)

February 14, 1995

Yosemite California, USA

"I always wondered why the cold didn't bother me as much... Now I know..." -Andy

Just past midnight in a forest on an especially snowy Valentines Day morning, a single figure wades through the thick snow and ice.  She is carrying something close to her just under her cloak, checking every few steps to see if it was ok.  Eventually, she sees a cabin in the almost unforgiving environment, kneeling in the snow to make final decisions.

Inside the cabin, a couple is still awake, unable to sleep with news that they would not be able to have children of their own.

Daniel: It IS possible that the doctor made a mistake... a mix-up in the paperwork?

Samantha: No, Danny, he didn't make any mistakes or lose any papers or anything like that.  It just simply isn't meant to be.

Daniel is a stag, and a fine specimen at that.  Tall, lean, yet well built with tannish fur and brown hair on his hair in a messy fashion, dark blue eyes to round it all off.  He was by his love's side, trying to comfort her as best he could, but feeling her pain all the same.
Samantha is a bobcat, visually majestic and prowling with what seemed like tribal markings in her grey and black fur.  Her currently depressed demeanor had her pointy ears in a downward position and her hazel eyes gazed at the floor, as if searching for something elsewhere.

Daniel: We'll keep trying, I know something will happen if we do.

Samantha: Whatever you feel would help us, love...

Her response seemed to indicate she was indeed elsewhere, trying to escape this situation.  Daniel decided to leave her to her thoughts, and entered the kitchen towards the back.

Samantha: Sometimes I wonder if miracles exist...

Back outside, the figure removes her hood, revealing a nearly indiscernible form.  Her extremely light fur only allowed the basic shape to be viewed.  She was like a beacon in the dark, cold morning.  She was known to few as Gaia, Greek Goddess of nature.  She drew her cloak back from what she was carrying; a baby cat.  The baby, though wrapped in a blanket, had fur that seemed to be like his caregiver's, except he did not shine like a bulb, so more of him could be identified, even his heavenly blue eyes through his sleepy nod offs.  

Mother: My best intentions go into this, my boy.  I hope when you are older you can forgive your father and me.

The baby stirred and awoke, cooing and reaching up at her.

Baby: Momma...

Mother: Ssshhhh, mommy's here, love.

She managed to soothe the child enough to be quiet for her and hesitantly proceeded towards the cabin.  She gently knelt down a few feet from the door, and cleared away some snow in front of her.  The baby began to stir again.

Hel: There, there, it's alright.

She opened a music box, wound it up, and placed it down in the area she cleared, she then carefully placed the baby next to the music box.  The slow, mesmerizing music calmed the baby enough to almost sleep, not noticing his mother as she backed away slowly. Unfortunately for them both the music box slowed and stopped playing before she could get more than ten feet.  The baby snapped out of his trance and immediately began calling out for his mother.

Baby: Momma!  MOMMA!

Hel stopped in place for a moment and put a hand over what could be assumed to be her mouth.  She watched in horror as her child continued to scream and cry desperately for her to come back.  Samantha heard the crying and quickly stood from her seat, looking towards the door as the origin.

Baby: MOMMA!

The baby only seemed to get louder as his mother drew farther away.  She never took her eyes off him until she was approximately 25 feet away.  She adjusted her cloak and reached for her hood.  Samantha ran to, and threw open the door, feeling the chill of the winter's night and immediately seeing the baby on the ground, crying.  She went over to him and took him up in her arms, trying to comfort him. As she stood back up, she caught a glimpse of a shining woman staring back with her hood half on.  Their eyes met for less than a second and the figure seemed to glow brighter and disappear entirely.  The baby reached at the open air where she was moments ago, still screaming for his mother.

Daniel: Sam?! What was that?!

Daniel came rushing from the cabin, startled by the bright light.  Samantha was awestruck and had yet to move, the baby writhing in her arms.  Daniel approached her and placed a hand on her shoulder, causing her to jump and turn to him.

Samantha: What?!

Daniel: What was out here just now?!  Are yo-

Daniel had just noticed the baby and looked down at it then back to Samantha.  Realizing she still had the baby, crying but now stuffing its face into Samantha.  She went back to comforting him, and looked around, stunned.

Samantha:  I heard this one crying and came out to see why.  Then I saw something I'm not so sure I actually saw...

Daniel: Did you see his mother?  She couldn't have gotten far in this snow.

She looked slowly over to Daniel, almost as if she still needed time to form her answer.

Samantha: Danny, I'm not sure what I saw...

Daniel seemed confused and went to investigate the tree line.  As he walked forward, he kicked the music box, which began it's song again.  The baby responded by slowly going from a cry to a sob to a deep sleep.  Samantha picked the box up and kept it near the baby, in her hand.

Daniel: Was that there before?

Samantha: Danny, I'm telling you whatever happened out here, I may never be able to explain.  I opened the door, saw this baby, looked up to see.... someone.... walking away... we looked at each other for a second and she just disappeared in a bright light, like an alien or something... You have to believe me Danny, I wouldn't make something like this up.

Daniel looked around for a moment, then to the baby, then to Samantha.  He then patted the child's head, causing him to coo softly in his sleep.

Daniel: Well, I know you don't want to leave this one out here, and neither do I.  I didn't see what happened out here, but I believe you. And as far as I can tell, we have a child now.

Samantha looked down at the child, who stirred a bit, but was otherwise in a peaceful state.

Samantha: I guess we do...

Years later, the couple raised the boy as their own, hiding what happened that night all those years ago.

Daniel: Andy! Need you to go to town and pick some stuff up!

Andy came into the room to his father.  He was a handsome blonde furred cat, averagely built and innocent looking; by all accounts, cute.

Andy:  Yeah dad, you got the keys?

Daniel: Yeah, here.

Daniel handed Andy the keys to the car and pointed at him with the same hand.

Daniel: No "pit stops" got it?

Andy: I..... I-I don't....

Daniel gave Andy a look of suspicion.

Daniel: So all these rumors about you and the neighborhood girls is what? A myth?

Andy: I really have no idea what you mean.  

Daniel: Just go and pick up screws from the hardware store.  I'm trying to fix your mother's bedroom door.

Andy: Mom's door...?

Daniel: You know what I mean....

Andy proceeded outside and to the car.  Driving into town, he noticed one of the local girls from school trying to flag him down.  He pulled over and rolled down the window.

Andy: Hey Brit, whats up?

Brittney, as well as the other girls at school, never seemed to pay any actual attention to Andy, save when they needed something from him, in which case, they where generous with the attention.

Brittney: Hi Andy!~  I was wondering if you'd help me with my computer? Pleeeaasse?~

Andy: Sorry Brit, dad says "No pit stops", whatever that means....

Brittney leaned into the car window and almost headbutted Andy.  She then ruffled his hair with her hand and smiled at him.

Brittney: It'll be really quick, I need it before tomorrow night.

Andy: *Just tell her no and get dad his screws.* Sure, if you don't mind bringing it out here. *Push over....*

Brittney: Thanks!~

She proceeded into her house and returned soon after with her laptop.  Andy was waiting next the trunk of his car.

Brittney: Here, thanks again.

Andy: Sure thing.

Andy took the laptop and opened it.

Andy: So, what exactly is wrong with it?

Brittney: Well, I haven't finished our last paper for English, and my mom's had my laptop for about a week.  I get it back and the document writer is gone.

Andy fiddled a bit with the computer.

Andy: It's right here.

Brittney looked over his shoulder.

Brittney: Where?

Andy pointed at the screen where he found the program.

Andy: Your mom must've deleted the shortcut off the desktop.  It's still here in your start menu.

Brittney: Really?! I've been so worried that I wouldn't be able to finish my paper!

Brittney didn't seem too convincing, but Andy could tell she was looking for an excuse.

Brittney: Maybe later, you could come over and help me with it? You're so good with these assignments.

Andy: I was never really good with essays.... Sorry, but good luck with it.

Andy quickly climbed in his car and drove away.

Brittney: O.... K.... Bye then... Damn!

When Andy returned home, he heard his mother yelling and stopped before entering the room. Wouldn't want to be her next target.

Sam: Danny, we don't even know who his real parents are! And you want to send him away like that?! 

Dan: No... It's just... hes a grown man now and he's graduating soon, so I thought he'd make good use of the old commun since he's heading to college out there anyway.

Sam: That's on the other side of the state! What about his friends?! Us?!

Dan: Honey, he's great with making new friends, every girl in school talks about him and he has study groups every week. I doubt he'll have trouble doing the same in San Francisco.

Sam: I have done nothing but protect that boy since the moment he was given to me! You can't just let him be by himself in an abandoned house!

Troubled by his mother's inadvertent revelations, Andy knocked and entered. Sam and Dan looked over to him, Sam drying her face as quickly as she could.

Andy: I got what you needed... dad...

Daniel, feeling rather guilty after hearing Andy call him that, walked over and took the bag of screws.

Dan: I... think you and mom need to talk...

He left the room, Andy looked to Sam and was about to speak when she raised a hand to stop him.

Sam: How much did you hear?

Andy: Only enough to know I'm not really yours...

Sam: Then close the door and sit with me... It's time you knew the truth...

Andy did as he was told and the two sat by each other, Sam beginning to cry again.

Sam: Danny and I... we... No, I have never been able to have children... The night you came to us, we had just failed another pregnancy... I heard you crying outside and when I opened the door, I saw this... perfect little baby... in the snow..... It was like a Godsend... 

She took a deep breath and continued.

Sam: I picked you up like anybody would do with a baby in the snow. When I looked around, I saw someone...

Andy: Was it...?

Sam: I don't know... But she was the only person I could see out there... She was glowing... like the sun, but more brilliant... We looked at each other for what seemed like forever... Then she disappeared in a big flash of light.

Andy: I don't get it... Why?

Sam: We asked the same thing for the longest time... It made no sense... we live in the middle of nowhere on a mountain... whoever she was, if she didn't want you, she would have dropped you off at the nearest firehouse or hospital... but she ventured all the way out to our cabin to leave you all wrapped up on our doorstep... No note... No given name... just you, a blanket, and a music box.

She put a hand on Andy's shoulder and looked him in the eyes.

Sam: Honey, we love you. We would never trade you for anything in the world... But I believe you're here for something more... I won't pretend to know or even understand just what that is... but DO know you're something special.

This had Andy crying too.

Andy: Mom, I'm a loser. What am I destined for? I'm only good for doing other people's homework.

Sam: Sometimes, potential has a way of... revealing itself... when you're ready... For all I know, you're the Second Coming... Or Superman... My point is... since the moment I laid eyes on you, greatness emanated from you. It's only a matter of time before you know what you can really do.

She hugged him tightly, the both of them trying to process what just happened.

Andy: I heard you talking about a Commun?

The broke the hug and Sam sniffled a bit, remembering what the argument with Daniel was about.

Sam: Danny wants to offer you our old house outside of San Francisco... It's generator powered and not far from town, so college would be easy traveling from there.

Andy: After that whole pep talk, I think college may wait...

Sam: You're an adult, so I won't stop you. But the Commun is designed for several people to live in, it's a lot to maintain for one person, so you'd better get housemates fast.

Andy: I don't think that'll be a problem. I may be a loser, but I have a magnetic personality...
Skyrim, Imperial Prisoner Convoy

The Empire's armies have recently ended a skirmish on the border and have prisoners from the enemy side. Three wagons are drawn by horses along the path to Helgen, one containing a rather infuriated khajiit.  Her scowl gave her eyes the look of crimson, her fur was black as night. She had a ponytail held up with whatever the soldiers guarding her were gracious enough to give her after taking her ribbon. A captured soldier worked up the nerve to break the silence.

Stormcloak: So, what brings you here khajiit? Can't imagine why the Empire found it necessary to take you in.

She remained silent, staring intensely at the wagon floor.

Stormcloak: Hey, we may not be friends, but we are all in it now. What's your name, Lass?

The cat looked up at the soldier.

Tali: The names Tali, any other questions?

The soldier, as well as the other occupants of the wagon, began staring at Tali with surprise.

Stormcloak: Tali, Iron Will?! By the Nine Girl!

Tali: I'd say my reputation precedes me, but it tends to do that a lot anyway.

Stormcloak: This still doesn't explain why you're here, captured like a dog.

Tali: Wrong place, wrong time...

As she said this, she raised her bound hands to shrug the notion off, but was stopped by a binding that strapped her hands to her waist.

Stormcloak: And the extra bindings? What did the mighty Tali do to deserve that?

Tali: When they bound my hands and tried to take my stuff, I beat two soldiers half to death. Took five to restrain me til they did this.

She motioned to indicate her current restrictions.

Prisoner: I think I saw that! The soldiers nearby were clamouring over to another group.  Looked like a hell of a fight going on!

Tali: Sounds about right...

Stormcloak: Way to show them, Lass!

Another prisoner pointed towards the rear of the wagon.  Behind their wagon was a smaller cart carrying another khajiit.  He was unclothed, unconscious, and had a metal collar and chain linked to the side of the cart, on top of his hands being bound.

Prisoner: What about him? Looks like these guys don't like him in particular.

The captive soldier and Tali lean forward to inspect what the man was on about.

Stormcloak: I'm not entirely sure why they have him like that, but I saw what happened with him. He was traveling with a caravan, and they were a bit too close to the fighting. That one must have wandered off from the main group, because he ended up taking a shield to the face. Poor bastard probably never saw it coming...

Tali: Poor guy... Probably didn't even know what was going on...

Tali then noticed two of the Imperial soldiers catching up to the cart with a bucket in hand. The soldier across from her saw them too.

Stormcloak: What are they doing...?

Before anyone could think of an answer, the two soldiers heaved the bucket over the side of the cart, dumping water on the cart's occupant. The cat awoke with a start, reeling back in the cart and gasping from the shock.  His light golden fur was soaked and his eyes were as cold blue as he appeared to be.  He shivered furiously, huddling in the fetal position with a look of confusion.

Imperial Soldier: I hope you had a nice catnap!

The Imperial soldier returned to his position in the convoy, laughing at his own comment. The group in the wagon towing the cart look shocked.

Tali: What the hell was that about?!

Stormcloak: Ya' got me, Lass... I always believed Imperials were cold hearted, but that was a bit low.... even for them...

Tali then turned to the front of the wagon and called to the driver.

Tali: Hey!

Wagon Driver: Shut it!

Tali: The guy in the cart behind us, why is he all chained up like that?

The driver was silent for a moment and Tali was about to yell the question at him when he responded.

Wagon Driver: The men are sort of scared of him. No real reason...

The prisoners looked confused. The cat doesn’t look like he would harm a fly, and they have him chained in a separate cart, naked, and don’t seem to have any remorse for him.

Stormcloak: You want us to believe that the Empire’s finest are scared of that milk drinker?

Wagon Driver: The men are more… intimidated…. The bugger’s tall....

Tali: That doesn’t sound like a good reason for all this…

Wagon Driver: Well you won’t say that when you have to fight him…

The captive soldier then had a look of epiphany.

Stormcloak: Now that I think of it, the cat had at least a foot or two over the man that knocked him out. I had thought the soldier was just short… I guess this guy is just tall…

A soldier on horseback rode up next to the wagon.

Rider: All of you! Shut it! No talking!

They all returned to staring blankly across the wagon until the soldier rode farther ahead.

Tali: Where are we headed to anyway?

As if to answer, the convoy rolled up to the gates of Helgen, where an archer in the garrison greeted them.

Archer: General Tulius, Sir! The headsman is waiting!

Tali changed her mood from annoyed to worried.

Tali: Oh, that’s no good…

The wagons lined up along a wall between two towers, the cart was also moved to be aligned. All the prisoners filed out of the wagons, the khajiit in the cart being escorted by the chain on his collar. The Imperial soldiers began calling names on their list.

Imperial Captain: Dalvus of Winterhold!

The soldier Tali had been talking with stepped forward, stopped, and half turned to Tali.

Dalvus: It was an honor meeting you. And so you know, your reputation is legend to us in Winterhold.

He continued forward and turned left towards the headsman's block.

Imperial Captain: Silda, of Riften!

The prisoner that was with Tali turned to her.

Silda: We may have only known each other for a wagon's ride, but the stories of your bravery are enough to make me feel we are life long friends. Divines bless you, Iron Will.

He followed after Dalvus to the headsman. The soldiers lugged over the male khajiit and waited for orders.

Imperial Captain: Take him by the block, her too.

The captain pointed at Tali and a soldier motioned for her to step forward. She took a half step and stopped.

Tali: This is wrong you know...

The captain looked pleasantly surprised.

Imperial Captain: And what say you of your crimes?

Tali: Self defense, and last I checked, I could defend myself when I feel I'm sufficiently threatened.

The captain only stared at her, thinking over her words.

Tali: And he didn't even do anything! One of your guys just took a swing at him!

The captain looked to the khajiit Tali was referring to then back down.

Tali: Do you even know his name?!

The lieutenant beside the captain addressed the khajiit.

Lieutenant: What say you, khajiit?

J'Peur: My name is J'Peur the Timid, and I was investigating the commotion by my caravan when this guy hit me with his shield.

He looked down at the soldier holding his chain, who avoided eye contact.

J'Peur: Good thing he's short for an Imperial cause his shield mostly hit my lower jaw.

The captain looked at the lieutenant who returned in kind. They then looked to the soldiers in front of them.

Lieutenant/Captain: Take them to Tulius...

The two were escorted over to General Tulius, who turned to them and first noticed J'Peur's lack of clothing.

Tulius: Wow, son! Make yerself decent for your execution!

Imperial Soldier: General, these two have reason for appeal.

Tulius, trying to keep composer in front of not only his men, but the Thalmor delegates, whilst a nude khajiit stands before him, talked to the soldier directly out of the way from J'Peur.

Tulius: Tell me everything then.

After a moment of the soldiers attempting to tell half the truth and Tali scolding and correcting them, Tulius, still making every attempt not to look at J'Peur, sighs.

Tulius: Well, then return their effects and release them immediately. Get to it! It's a bit embarrassing to have naked khajiit in the presence of my Thalmor guests.

The soldiers glanced at each other then back to Tulius, who looked confused at their hesitation.

Tulius: Well?! Snap to it! Or both of ya can take their place in the execution!

Imperial Soldier: There is a slight problem, General, Sir...

Tulius rubbed the bridge of his nose in frustration.

Tulius: Do tell, soldier...?

Imperial Soldier: When we captured him, we burned all his things....

Now Tulius was angry.

Tulius: What, in the name of Oblivion, would you burn his things for?!

The soldiers gave a look of shame.

Imperial Soldier: It was mostly out of spite, sir...

Tulius sighed again and motioned to dismiss them.

Tulius: Just do as you were ordered... I can't be caught up with this right now.... Dismissed...

The soldiers saluted Tulius then took Tali and J'Peur away to do as ordered.

Tulius: Divines help me, I'm the leader of an army of idiots...

Not but a few yards from the execution proceedings, Tali was finishing checking all her personal effects were given back to her, as well as securing her armor and clothing. She did one last check list in her head and right before she finished, she stopped and gave the soldier with them an angry look.

Tali: Where is it?!

The soldier looked genuinely concerned for his life, reputation, and job, but answered sincerely.

Imperial Soldier: Where is what, ma'am?

Tali: The ribbon I had in my hair before you lummoxes took it!

The soldier had no idea where it was and began to look around frantically.

Tali: You idiots lost it, didn't you?!

Imperial Soldier: Apologies, ma'am! The Empire is more than willing to replace or otherwise make up for the loss!

The soldier was so frightened of her, he actually leaned slightly in the opposite direction.

Tali: You don't replace something with that much emotional value! Making up for it would be putting it in my hand right now!

She held out a hand to affirm her point, to which the soldier looked down in shame.

Tali: Now I know why the Nord's don't like you Imperials! You're morons!

Tali looked over to J'Peur, still naked and collared.

Tali: And what about him?!

The soldier jumped when he realised he hadn't removed the collar, but when he went to produce the key, he couldn't find it.

Tali: This only proves my point...

J'Peur nodded in agreement.

J'Peur: Do you guys all dress yourselves? Or do the Thalmor help with that?

The soldier stopped looking for the key and looked at them with look of confusion. Before a rather rude comment about the collective Imperial mothers could be made, an archer is heard yelling and it catches the three's attention.

Archer: What in the name of Oblivion is that?!

Imperial Captain: Sentries! What do you see?!

Before an answer is given a huge black dragon lands on a nearby tower with a momentous thud and speaks an ancient language that causes the sky to turn into a dark, swirling spiral of clouds that rained flaming mortar.

Imperial Captain: Get the General to safety! Everyone to arms!

Lieutenant: Get the townsfolk out of harm's way! Hurry!

The soldier with Tali and J'Peur drew his weapon and began to join the fight, but turned to them.

Imperial Soldier: Get out of here! Go!

Tali: You don't have to tell me twice! C'mon big guy!

She took the chain on J'Peur's collar and dragged him behind her toward the keep.

J'Peur: Hey! Try not to choke me, here!

She got to the door to the keep and tackled it open, waiting for J'Peur to enter, then slammed it shut. The two panted from the run.

Tali: So... Purr, right?

J'Peur: J'Peur, there's a J in there.

Tali: That's way too complicated... Besides, Purr the Timid is so much cuter.

Purr: Have it your way... No big deal really...

Tali then decided to address the less pressing, but more prominent issue at hand.

Tali: We need to put like a loin cloth on you or something, cause that's a little distracting.

Purr: It is a bit cold in Skyrim as well...

Purr remarked sarcastically as Tali dropped the chain and looked for something to cover him up with.

Tali: I can't imagine a whole lot fits you since you're like eight feet tall.

Purr: Even if we have to make something, please.

Tali noticed the hide covers on the beds in the room they were in. She then proceeded to cut one in half and trim the sides.

Tali: Find some twine or something to hold it up.

Purr looked around and saw a thin rope. He procured it and returned to Tali.

Purr: Good enough.

Tali made the necessary cuts and tied the rope to secure Purr's new loin cloth.

Tali: I think it's a nice look for you.

Purr: It's a loin cloth we threw together so we don't both have to worry about my complete lack of clothes, but I guess it's pretty comfortable.

Tali patted him on the chest and grabbed his chain again.

Tali: You're welcome.

Purr: Is there a reason you have that?

Tali looked at him like he should know.

Tali: Because I can. Do I need another reason?

Purr simply shrugged in defeat and followed as she lead them through the keep to freedom.
To be honest guys and gals, I've been doing butt tons of other stuff, most of it college related and I kind of stopped submitting cause... well my laptop got more and more difficult to stay on for more than 5 minutes...

Anyways, I might have a set of stuff to upload just to have out there and show off the transitions between then and now. These may mostly include stories I've typed, but others may be digital art I've done for classes and some (by this I mean probs very little) of my hand draw stuff.

I want to become more active with my old contacts here so this next portion is for you guys:

To :iconvoid-shark:;
Back from the dead and reporting for duty, Lieutenant Fluffball, sir! :salute:

To :iconfrostfaux:;
Long time, no speak... ^^; I hope you've been doing well. :wave:

To :icondrjoshfox:;
We're currently talking, carry on...

To everyone else who actually read the journal instead of deleting it on sight,
I need an audience for my stuff, are you with me?! These are quality (lose term usage alert) stories I'm writing here and I'm skilled with digital media (non-exaggerated statement), so it would behoooove you to give it a go for art's sake.

Thanks in advance, 

Someone who wishes he could change his user to Apex_Cat

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